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Nose without Water This dram conjures up an image of luxurious comfy leather armchairs: rich, warming, and so approachable. The nose is subtle and encourages a further plunge into a concoction of coffee, milk chocolate, wood spices, and burnt orange. Heavy and sweet initially, a beautiful perfume, and then, deep rich notes emerge, changing the tone of the conversation completely. Palate without Water It is a beautiful experience tasting wonderfully old whiskies; the initial taste, the mouthfeel, is incredible. This dram delivers everything I expect and more. The feeling is luxurious, the depth of flavours, stunning! The chocolate aromas have manifested a bitter edge entwined with the wood spices and charred notes. The sweet notes – perfectly balanced treacle and burnt caramel – mingle with a subtle orange essence that is almost, but not quite, overpowered by rich Sherry notes. A slight drying nuttiness through the mid and back of the palate adds a final layer to this beautiful melody of flavour. Nose with Water The merest droplet opens this capsule of time to deliver a flash of citrus. Palate with Water It has softened; the water has opened the gate for more wood flavours to come through. The dark caramels, coffee, and Sherry still dance on the palate. Body Its full-bodied viscous texture coats the mouth. Finish Long and lingering, with subtle coffee, burnt caramel, Sherry, and stewed fruit melded in harmony with a soft, drying, nutty bitterness.












A unique greatly aged Speysider


Rich chestnut brown with russet tints



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